1) Thompson, Manitoba.
2) The Pas, Manitoba.
3) Dauphin, Manitoba.
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Eat24 Deliveries Ltd is a regional service provider within Manitoba. Eat24 Deliveries has launched our online food delivery platform in the Hub of the North in the month of September 2020.
Currently, we have contracts with reputed brands. We are proud to offer delivery services for the various restaurants in locations such as Thompson, The Pas, and Dauphin.
Also, we are in process of expansion our business platform in different towns and cities.
Our main aim of Eat24 Deliveries is to provide the best quality food delivery, efficiently to the customers within the given time frame and boosting customer satisfaction and the restaurants providing them with incremental discounts and offers. Managed within the operational delivery hours, enhancing the customer-restaurant relationship by providing end-to-end food delivery services.



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